Cymbalta Beware: What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You


How to get the most from your Cymbalta Coupon

The cost of 30 capsules of 60 mg Cymbalta varies from 3.56 with a free coupon to an estimated out-of-pocket price of 0. The average dose of Cymbalta depends on the medical problem for which you are using the medication. For anxiety, diabetic nerve pain, fibromyalgia, and muscle or bone pain, adults may take 60 mg once a day. Some patients start at 30 mg once a day and increase to 60 mg daily in one week. The typical dose of Cymbalta for depression is 40 to 60 mg a day. Children and older adults may take lower doses depending on the doctor’s determination.
Seven capsules of Cymbalta 30 mg cost .73 to .16 with a free discount or coupon. One capsule of 30 mg Cymbalta costs about .67. Check different pharmacies in your area, as prices will vary. Always ask “Is this the lowest price for Cymbalta?”
The price for a 60-capsule bottle of 60 mg Cymbalta is around 7.74 to 8.52 with a free coupon or free discount.
The retail price for a 60-capsule bottle of 60 mg Cymbalta is around 8.52. This price may be lower with free coupons, pharmacy cards, or discounts. Always call several pharmacies to see which one offers Cymbalta at the lowest price.
Cymbalta is a prescription-only drug.
To get a Cymbalta prescription, see your primary care physician or go to a walk-in clinic. You can also talk to a licensed doctor-on-demand on the internet for a small fee or go to your hospital’s emergency department (ED).
You cannot get Cymbalta without a doctor’s prescription.
Only a licensed doctor can write a prescription for Cymbalta.
Most major insurance plans do not cover Cymbalta, but many insurers cover the generic equivalent duloxetine. Call your health insurer to see if they cover Cymbalta or the generic duloxetine.
The cost of Cymbalta with insurance varies, because most larger insurers do not cover the drug. Also, the price of Cymbalta can change daily because of manufacturers’ prices and the cost at dispensing pharmacies.
The cost of Cymbalta without insurance is still relatively high. A 60-capsule bottle of 60 mg Cymbalta can range from 7.74 to 8.52 with a free coupon or free discount.
Many patient-assistance programs (PAPs) are offered from federal and state governments, nonprofits, manufacturers, and other associations to help you get the drugs you need at a reduced cost. Eligibility requirements for PAPs are based on income, insurance or Medicare status, and other factors. For Cymbalta, the program’s name is Lilly TruAssist. You can learn more about this patient-assistance program at the Lilly Cares Foundation website.
Cymbalta is in the drug class of selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs). These drugs are used to elevate mood by increasing levels of the chemicals serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain. Alternatives to Cymbalta include Effexor XR (venlafaxine), Pristiq (desvenlafaxine succinate), Savella (milnacipran), Fetzima (levomilnacipran), Khedezla (desvenlafaxine), and desvenlafaxine fumarate.
Duloxetine is the generic equivalent to Cymbalta.
It is legal to buy Cymbalta online if you have a doctor’s prescription and use a licensed, legal pharmacy. However, buying Cymbalta online can be challenging, because only 3 percent of online pharmacies are legal, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
When purchasing any prescription medicine online, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) recommends that patients use sites that have been granted a “.pharmacy” domain name or have been accredited through the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) program. The VIPPS program has been accrediting websites offering pharmacy services since 1999. With “.pharmacy” instead of .com or .net, the “seal of quality” is built into the web URL.
Cymbalta is not available over the counter. It is a prescription-only drug available at a licensed pharmacy.
It’s hard to predict if the price of Cymbalta will come down. Right now, the generic equivalent duloxetine is less expensive. Also, duloxetine is covered by more major insurance companies and Medicare.
Cymbalta’s price is high because of the manufacturer’s cost in researching, developing, and marketing the drug. While the already high prices of brand-name drugs will continue to escalate, generic drugs are generally more affordable. For Cymbalta, the generic duloxetine is relatively inexpensive.

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