Being a Christian Goth

How to Be a Christian Goth


  1. Have faith.Nobody wants someone claiming to be a Christian Goth and not knowing anything about patience in faith! All the more, those in the other subcultures or the norm will accept you.
  2. Find some Christian goth bands.Saviour Machine is a good band to listen to..... Considering the lyrics are great and so are the messages. A few Unblack Metal bands work, too! There are so many Christian bands out there and Antestor is great though it is not near to the Goth type.
  3. Stand firm.People may call you fake or a total nut for a Christian.To counter this, narrate to them Jesus' calling for All of Us. They're hypocrites and not you.
  4. Don't go boasting about your new skull shirt.Though skulls are okay, for as long as they are not horned or winged. Christian Goths wear black, but with stronger appeal to CATHOLICISM. Crucifixes are a must!
  5. Reject the devil.Remember, he wanted your Daddy and your brother dead, you'd be dumb if you let the devil be.
  6. Read the Bible.It's a good start. Read and learn about God's wonders and remember to accept the darkness as well.
  7. Jesus is Gothier than us, Remember, Jesus was a social reject.He was spat on and mocked in spite of his cleanliness. The Goths encounter the same thing, and most especially, so did Christian Goths! Jesus made morbid symbolism to express himself. Cutting your evil arm, taking out your pervert eye, destruction of the temple, etc. They have a dark feel in them yet a cleaner message.
  8. Prepare to be questioned!Goths are often asked from or looked down, but Christian Goths get a more hectic life! Satanism? Witchcraft? Those things don't go near the Goth subculture. For the Metalheads and Shock rockers, Devil worship gets its chance on them. If someone calls you a freak, smile and tell them to look at themselves in the mirror with their common sins written on it with black lipstick. Though Christian Goths are forgiving and patient, we get to be angry, too!
  9. Ditch the make up at church if it's too shocking, or else the beloved priests will shove their crucifixes to your chest and this happens!
  10. Accept the darkness.Darkness is not evil! Remember, Jesus was born at nighttime! Stereotypes question you in your face about this, so keep your cool and answer politely.
  11. But know the difference between dark that's evil and dark of reality
  12. The difference of darkness that is of reality and darkness that is evil.
  13. Darkness of reality:dark clothing, dark music, dark night, dark color Christian holy bible, dark art, dark objects, dark skin, dead trees, dying grass, abandoned buildings, animals killing other animals for food or self defense, skulls, graveyards, deep dark abyss of an ocean floor or deep ground, cemeteries, goth subculture lifestyle, rainy days, storms, and dark colors that's beautifully good dark which there is nothing wrong with that.
  14. Darkness that is evil:sin, lies, greed, lust, hate, jealousy, blasphemy, adultery, judging others for looks, clothing, and lifestyle, bad-pride, love of money, discrimination, self-motived hatred on groups of people, thievery, extremism, prejudice, murder, rape, terrorism, bullying, abuse, and sexual immorality. That's darkness that's evil.
  15. Know about Gothic Christianity.Learn about its history, objective and contribute to its cause.
  16. Clothing is an essential element!The DIY is still at work and so is black. Shirts with cross designs and Anti-satanic designs work for outrageous Christian guys. Victorian dresses work good for girls especially with a cross necklace. Boots are okay and so are usual Goth clothes.
  17. Know the difference of being a Christian Goth and a Goth with a Christian religion.Deathrockers can be Christians, too! Religion goes first before any stereotype! Christian Goths bring their inner goodness to their dark appearances.
  18. Obey God.He's our Father, Master and Creator. You are a Christian before a Goth.
  19. Try out these Christian goth bands
  20. Saviour machine, dark valentine , blessed night, vexing souls, leper, Aggelos, and virgin black

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  • Usually, Christian Goths wear the famous Christian Goth attire called the Armor of God. So, pick up a piece of clothing with a clean and dark theme and follow your own understanding of this.
  • Imitate Christ's deeds with religious outlook. Don't be a hypocrite.
  • Clothes are a personal reference. Be inspired by Deathrock, Cabaret and Cosplay and mix them up with crucifix necklaces. Find your own style! Cosplaying as an angel is great, too!
  • Repent all your sins as the end times are soon to come.
  • Have all the gifts of the Holy Spirit as you will need them to carry on.
  • Mostly Christian Goths love angels, and often dark Gothic Angels. Learn the angelic hierarchy and respect them.
  • Makeup is a personal preference, Natural goth make-up should be modestly scary with modest eye design and black or dark red lips and worshiping God, is great. Irony is an essential Goth tool!


  • Pain is relevant and so is sin, withstand sin and do not cuss at pain. Cursing words are a big NO-NO.
  • People may call you a hypocrite. Don't let them do so.
  • Live the angel life. Protect what is good and righteous.
  • Love and worship God. Jesus gave us life, loved us and will reap us and bring us to his side soon.
  • Spikes garner tendencies of doubt from those Who ask you. They just don't get that you're still Goth.

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