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How to Make a Cat Closet

Four Parts:

A cat closet is a small hideaway for your cat. The one suggested here is cat-shaped, just so it's clear whose cozy spot it is. Keeping it as simple as possible is the goal, and if a child is making it, you'll need to do all the sawing and help with the precise gluing, but the child can have a lot of fun decorating it and adding the soft furnishings for puss to enjoy.


Preparing the wood

  1. Purchase four pieces of thick wood.Either have the pieces cut into the same-sized squares at the hardware store or be able to do this at home. (The squares should be large enough to form a little closet enclosure for the cat; take along measurements.)
  2. Purchase a piece of plyboard or other thin, strong board.It should be as high as one of the squares. This will form the cat shape.

Preparing the cat shape

  1. Draw a cat shape on a paper template.The shape you choose must involve a lot of space under the cat or somewhere around the cat, that serves as a hole for the real cat to enter under. Some ideas for the shape include a cat sitting upright with space to the side, a cat stretching up high with space to the side or a cat arching its back, with plenty of space under the cat's stomach (centered). The hole area must be large enough for your cat to walk under or alongside.
    • If it's hard for you to draw a shape, look online for suitable cat shapes and print some off to trace around or copy.
  2. Cut out the template.Next, hold the cur-out template against the wood piece and trace around it. This will provide the guidelines for sawing out the cat shape.
  3. Use a craft saw such as a jigsaw to cut out the cat shape on the wood piece.Sand down the edges if needed.
  4. Paint the cat.Paint it any color you like, adding features such as patches, paws, whiskers and eyes, etc. Allow to fully dry before proceeding.

Putting the cat closet together

  1. Hot glue three pieces of wood together to form three sides of the "box" that will form the closet.
  2. Glue the cut-out cat piece to the fourth piece of wood.Allow to dry in place fully.
  3. Using the saw, cut out an entry hole where you've left the hole under or alongside the cat shape in the other piece of wood.This now allows the cat entry to and exit from the closet.
  4. Glue this last piece to the remaining three pieces to finish the cat closet.Allow to dry completely. Check that it is firmly held together by pushing on the whole structure gently; make any adjustments needed.

Finishing off the cat closet

  1. If wished, you can add a "roof".This can be made from net fabric, plain fabric or similar. However, it can be good to leave it uncovered, to allow you to peek on the cat as it sleeps inside the closet.
    • Temporary objects can be placed on top to provide the cat with more privacy, such as a newspaper, an oversized book, a piece of thick card, etc.
  2. Decorate the outside.Paint the sides of the cat closet or add patterns, stickers, etc.
  3. Put some blankets and pillows inside to make it comfortable.An old sweater wrapped about a cushion that is the exact size of the closet shape is ideal.
    • If you need to make a cushion to fit the dimensions, this can be done simply. Measure the inner square, and cut two pieces of fabric to this size. Sew together three sides and fill with stuffing. Then sew up the final side. That's all there is to it! And as puss doesn't care how neat it is, it's a great first sewing project for an older child.
  4. Now you and your cat can enjoy your handcrafted DIY cat closet.
    • Entice your cat inside by placing a catnip mouse in there. Your cat will soon get the message!

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  • The beauty of this project is that it's easy for a child to pick up the cat closet and move it to any location in the house, set it up again and encourage the cat to go inside.
  • If you are 8 or under, do not use the hot glue gun; instead, ask an adult to do any gluing needed.


  • This project is not for young children.
  • Choose non-toxic products to decorate the cat closet with; do not glue on anything that the cat could pull off and potentially swallow.
  • If children are building this, supervise any usage of the saw. Children with no experience of using a saw or who are too young should not saw out the pieces.

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