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Apr 23, 2012

There's a new Gallup poll out concerning the effects of marriage, separation and divorce on people's overall well-being. Surprise, surprise, surprise! Separated and divorced people scored the lowest in well-being, compared to their married counterparts.

And in other news, water is wet and bears are frequently seen relieving themselves in the woods.

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Separated people scored the lowest overall and divorced people were only slightly higher than that - presumably because the breakup of their marriage was further behind them. I'm guessing the strain of divorce litigation or settlement plays into that as well. And let's not forget the fear of the unknown, adjusting to new financial circumstances, and helping your children through the aftermath of the situation.

It's been all kinds of fun, I assure you. But I'm at the end of that process now, it appears. A reader asked in my Q&A when I was planning to proceed with my divorce. The answer, readers, is dependent on the government. Peter and I are getting a really, really good tax return any day now. A chunk of that is paying for a good used car for me to get around in, but that leaves some leftover that can certainly go to a mediator and get this process moving forward.

I've waited a few months since Peter's email to see if he was going to open his mouth and actually speak to me about this, but of course, he hasn't said a word. He's knee-deep in his move this week, so I'll let the dust from that settle a week or so and then I'm going to open my mouth and speak to him. It's time. It's past time.

Besides, I'm tired of having the lowest overall sense of well-being. Time to move that process forward, too.

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